• ChiroCongress Forms New Charitable Nonprofit - Call for Donations to Disaster Relief Fund

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: September 15, 2020 MEDIA CONTACT: Lizz Klein, Executive Director Phone: 503-919-4492

    ChiroCongress is excited to announce the formation of ChiroCongress Cares, a charitable nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization with a purpose of supporting the chiropractic profession through investment in leadership development, education, innovation, outreach, capacity building, and research.

    The founding board members are President, Dr. Don Cross (FL); Secretary, Dr. Gerald Stevens (NY); Treasurer, Barbara Contessa (NY); and Executive Director, Lizz Klein (OR).

    Dr. Cross states “We believe it is more critical than ever to develop new funding opportunities to protect, preserve, and advance our profession. Through this charitable nonprofit, we will be able to accept donations, seek federal and foundation grants, and deploy other resources that support our mission which in turn supports the profession. It is imperative that we focus our energies on ensuring our students, doctors, state associations, and industry partners are successful in their endeavors. Creating a charitable nonprofit has been a long-time goal of ChiroCongress and we are excited about how this will increase our positive impact in a really profound way!”

    The first initiative under this new organization is to create a relief fund for chiropractors who have been adversely impacted by events beyond their control.

  • Password Resets Required August 2020

    ChiroCongress is always looking at ways to improve our members' experience and sometimes, in order to make things better, changes need to be made to take us to the next level. This is one of those exciting times!  

    My.ChiroCongress.Org is your member portal to the listserv, member toolkits, and community forums. Recently, we disconnected this from our AMS which means we need all members to reset your password to in order to access the site again. Your prior password can be used or you can set up a new password. Chose whatever works best for you!!


    As an association leader for your state chiropractic association, your login will always be your e-mail address. 

    Click on the link below to update your password: 

    You will receive an email from Congress of Chiropractic State Associations with a link to update your password. Follow the on-screen instructions.

    While you are there, why not take this opportunity to update your profile! Like uploading your picture...

    If you have questions or run into problems, email Sheri Ryan at or Lizz Klein at 

  • COVID-19 Toolkit Postings Disclaimer

    ChiroCongress is not endorsing any one person or group's statement regarding COVID-19.  It is our intent to share information, staying focused on the evolution of decision-making by states on access to care and how it impacts chiropractic physicians.  

    If you are a member of ChiroCongress Connect, you may reply in the community with or upload your statement.  

    If you are not a member, please email any written statements to to have it included in the toolkit.